So today I went to Columbia Road's Flower Market. We woke up really early, around 7:30 a.m. as this market gets packed by around 10:00a.m. It always good to go really early so you can get to pick up the best flowers and really enjoy the view.

 I got some peonies (yes!) which I hope will start blooming soon. I also got some beautiful pink ranunculus flowers and some white, pink, purple hydrangeas. After that we came back home because I wanted to put these flowers on water and run into some beautiful pastel doors.

 I wish all my Sundays were like this one.

 Sometimes it's ok to splurge on yourself. Like buying beautiful flowers without it being an special event. It's natural to want to be surrounded by nature and beauty and we shouldn't feel guilty when we spend some money on things that makes us happy. Every time your turn around and see the flowers you got for yourself, you will remember you are worth it, and that you don't need approval from anyone to pamper yourself.

 So go ahead and get yourself some beautiful flowers and feel the beauty and grace of nature.

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