Remember a few months ago I posted some photos of my flat? If you haven't seen it yet here is the post. But now I've just recently made some updates to my home. I was preparing everything for a photo shoot and decided to get a new dressing table. Living in London gets quite expensive, so usually you will have a really small flat in the city. I live in a one bedroom flat, so if I wanted to get my hair I had to get creative, and sometimes I ended up doing it next to the living room. But with this new dressing table I love how everything is now in one place, I can get my hair done while making my make up in the same place. Sounds weird saying that, because back in Mexico I used to have a quite spacy room, but I'm getting used to this new London lifestyle, and to be honest I quite prefer living in a small space but an interesting city where cool things happens.
 But back to the updates, some times I also use this table as a working space, as it allows me to be in my room and concentrate on my essays or whatever thing I have to do.

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