Spring is finally here in London, the weather is getting nicer and obviously everything has started to blossom. Although sometimes it gets cloudy and starts to rain, as soon as I see the sun I just want to get out there and enjoy the nice weather.

 Remember I told you I bought some beautiful peonies at the Borough Market last week? Well, they have finally started to blossom in the most magnificent way. The kind of peonies you find in England are just so lovely, each one blossoms in a different way. They look so lovely and just brighten any room instantly. So yesterday I was heading to the art store to buy some papers, and decided to take with me the peonies, just to photograph them and show them around.

 It's almost a week now and the peonies are still looking amazing, they will last around two weeks if you take good care of them, that means, changing their water daily and trimming the stems just a bit every two days. At least that is the way they have lasted so long for me. Do you know any other tips to making your flowers last longer? Would love to hear them.

 Any ways I hope you enjoy your spring wherever you are. Enjoy it buy surrounding yourself with beauty, that may be in nature, flowers, family, friends, lovers. Anything and anyone who makes your world more beautiful than it already is. Surround yourself with the things that makes you happy, as spring is a time of renovation and of getting rid of things that no longer serve for your bigger purpose. Just surround yourself with love and remember to give that love back to other.

Lots of love!

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