I've always had something for Nordic design, I love its simplicity, minimalism and functionality. In one of my recent trips to Copenhagen last November I literally wanted to bring everything with me, but my suitcase was full. From furniture to home ware, everything with a Nordic design is eye catching and beautiful. So when ENIITO contacted me to collaborate with them I immediately agreed. ENIITO is an exclusive online marketplace for unique Nordic Design, they have products from well-established and cool emerging designers in their shop. Each shop owner is carefully selected and approved to guarantee a safe shopping experience. So its great to have a marketplace where all the Nordic designs come together to offer the best and highest quality designs. At ENIITO you will find products within Home Living, Accessories, Fashion, Kids and Jewelry. They have more than 50 stores and over 600 original products. Shopping with them is much more that just buying new stuff, it is about the experience where less is absolutely more, but you will definitely want more and more of their beautiful products and designs.
  The creators of ENIITO have a passion for design and entrepreneurship. They are established to assist Nordic designers reach shoppers from all around the world, as they believe that quality designs should be easy to reach no matter where their clients are located. And since 2015 they have been inviting their customers on an adventure where they embrace the best of not just Nordic design, but also Nordic culture and lifestyle.
  I really love their philosophy of recognizing the desire to stand out. To live life with a conscious, yet forward thinking attitude, surrounded by coveted and beautiful design classics to-be. I love the efforts entrepreneurs put into sharing their love, enthusiasm and passion for simple yet exquisite design.
Here are some of the products I choose to style.

The Rack Tan Small
This design is made by CAIA of Sweden, founded by Caisa Leifsdotter in 2006. She does amazing accessories and interior products made of sustainable chrome free leather materials. I choose the magazine rack, because I’m a fan of collecting them, but after a while I ran out or ideas of how to showcase them. Now I have them hanging on the wall, they look so lovely.

EnKnag™ Coat rack in pink shades
This colorful coat rack is by Römer Design, which is driven by Martin Römer. He designs and handcrafts all his products in Denmark. I choose the coat rack in pink shades, as they will contrast on my pale blue walls. I love how playful and elegant they look.

Cross ring – goldplated
  This piece is by Leth.it.be by Sanni Leth who creates feminine jewelry with a rough edge. They have beautiful minimalistic designs and are all handmade in Copenhagen.

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