Lately I’ve been trying to be more consistent with my spiritual practice, which consists of writing my daily morning pages, meditating, daily connection to flow and night prayers. After being somehow more conscious of my own body I started realizing that I had not been in touch with my feminine side. I’ve been trying to make it in a competitive world, struggling every day trying to achieve goals, working, doing projects, studying, writing a dissertation and at the end it was all too much. My health was deeply affected and I needed a break, a space where I could just connect with myself and do what I enjoyed the most. Even though I love meditating at home, lighting up candles and just connecting, I had the urge to share this with like minded people. I needed to share my perspectives and insights and wanted a safe place to just be vulnerable.
That is when I discovered the Moonlight Goddess Gatherings that Anoushka was hosting at her home. This came to me at the right moment, I needed to have a women’s circle where we can just share our thoughts, meditate, learn about the moon cycles and connect with our wild, wise women side.
These gatherings are shared at her beautiful home, and the first time I saw her place I just felt in love with it. The interior design has a bohemian chic feeling to it with a personalized atmosphere. The white walls contrast with her plants, a mix of natural textures and seashell chandeliers give a gypsy and elegant vibe.
When I was photographing her home we discovered we were both reading the same book, RiseSister Rise by Rebeca Campbell, it was such a lovely coincidence (or should I say synchrodestiny). We ended up talking about our spiritual journeys and what it means to be a woman on a spiritual path nowadays. We decided to do a book club for all the people who were reading the same book at the same time, to gather and discuss our favourite parts and share our insights from the book.
She also recommended me to read Women Who Run With the Wolves, and I did not think twice to read it since she had read Rise Sister Rise, I’m sure this book will be a good read as well. But for this book I decided to do something different. I’ve been living in London for a while now, far from home and family, so I decided to call my mom and see if she wanted to read it with me and have our own intimate digital book club. I wanted to share this book with her because for me this journey of discovering my wise wild woman means a lot to me in this time of my life and wanted to honour the women in my family, and I know this book will open many future conversations between the both of us.
Thank you Anoushka for opening your beautiful home to me and allowing me to capture its beauty.

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