Yesterday I was wandering around the streets of London after work. After coming back from Japan and experiencing the sakura trees, I was feeling quite melancholic. But there is this special thing in London that makes it really special. I love Spring in this city because you get to find cherry blossoms in almost every block, so it doesn’t make it that hard coming back. As cherry blossom season is almost over, there has been pink petals covering the streets walks. So I got to have some fun with them.

I’ve been intending to post some other photos of the nice parks I have found in London and obviously the post about my trip to Japan but these last few months have been quite hectic for me. I just started a new job and at the same time have been working on two really exciting campaigns that require my complete time during the weekends.

So please bear with me while I finish editing because the post will be really worth it!

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