I know you have heard about Stradivarius before. When I was living in Mexico, this store had not yet opened in my town, so when they contacted me I had no idea who they where. Back in 2015 I got an email from their design department asking me if I wanted to collaborate with them in their Summer collection, so I immediately googled then and saw they where part of the Inditex group. I gladly accepted to work with them.They chose four of my Instagram images and was glad they selected one from my series #Ipaintwith. This idea came in 2013 when I was playing around with confetti and decided to use a brush and create this series. I did some stop motion videos using this idea with flowers, gummy bears, etc. , and that is how I started to experiment with this technique. But going back to Stradivarius, we got to collaborate on these beautiful summer t shirts. I was so happy when I got to see them in their online store and after they opened their first store in Monterrey I got to buy my own. Obviously my mom bought three of each and wore them proudly during that summer. I never wore mine, I wanted to keep it as new and maintain it for memories of that summer.

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