My parents came to visit me in London for a few days and where excited to do a pilgrimage trip to Mount Saint Michel in France and to Mount Gargano in Italy afterwards. It was a pilgrimage for them, and I wanted to live the experience with them, mostly because I missed my family and wanted to feel the warmth of being around loved ones. I try not to talk about religious beliefs on social media, but I will share a part of my experience. Lately a lot of different emotions have been arising, I have questioned my life and the meaning of it all. There are times where I feel lost and with no purpose or direction. This trip came at a perfect timing. Even though I was not feeling great, I made the purpose to wake up really early and catch the sunrise to take pictures, my mom joined me. Taking pictures and looking for beauty is something that cheers my soul. While walking with her in silence I understood that every feeling and every emotion has its purpose in life, and the more we try to make it “disappear” the stronger they will become. The only way out is allowing them to run through your body and feel EVERYTHING. After a while you will start to listen and feel your heart again, and that is the safest place to be (in your heart). I remember coming to this conclusion while watching how the morning light struck the facade, and wanted to remember this moment and this feeling. I hope that when I look at this image, I will remember how my heart felt that moment. And I hope you too, find peace in your heart during tough moments.

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