Well, if you already saw the start to the MT Factory Tour Vol.6, you will know that my day ended on a very wonderful and happy note as I finally had the opportunity to tour the factory. That night I couldn't sleep with all the excitement, but finally forced myself to do so as the next morning we were expecting another intense day touring Kurashiki.
On this second day we had time to wonder around the beautiful streets of Kurashiki (where they have poodles cooler than you). This small town has plenty of cute independent shops where they sell homeware, stationary, souvenirs and of course MT Tape! These small shops are loyal to MT as the brand is an important product to the region.
There was this one store that only sells MT products, has a creative space workshops and sells all range of the MT products.
Once we finished touring the town, we headed towards the Kurashiki train station where there was a temporary MT pop-shop that you could find many of MT items including limited editions lines.
Once we arrived in Okayama we took a tram to get to "Okayama Castle", and on our way we were treated with a big surprise. This tram was fully decorated with MT patterns! The floor, the ceiling, the seats, everything! It was paradise for any washi tape lover. I had never been on such a cute ride.
After a nice tram ride, we walked around Korakuen park and we saw some beautiful cherry trees, which in my opinion are the most wonderful things in Japan's nature repertoire. At last we arrived at Okayama Castle, which was upholstered with MT patterns on its facade. Once inside the castle, we saw some of the facilities that had been prepared for the occasion. They also created some art installations using MT products.
Leaving the castle we decided to walk again through the beautiful Korakuen park. The view and scenery were totally Japanese and at sunset we sat in a small cafe for a drink. This coffee shop was located next to a beautiful green tea field.
To close the day with a pinch of gold, we asked for a matcha tea, some sakura mochis and one of the most beautiful decorated ice creams that I had ever seen.
 Stay tuned for Part 3 of this trip, where we explored Tokyo and visited the MT Lab.

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