People who know me know that I have an obsession for cherry blossoms.
One of the dreams I had was to travel to Japan in the spring to be able to experience the blossoming of these threes.This tree has a very special meaning in Japan. Not only does it signify that spring has begun but for them it is a sign of hope and new beginnings.
In Japan this season is so special that everything turns pink. Many Japanese products bring out a special Sakura version of their product during the spring. Here you can see my experience searching and finding Sakura related products.
It was wonderful for me to get to know this beautiful country in the middle of the spring and it was something that really filled my heart and made me very inspired.
On my return I met Liz, the editor of Lodestar magazine (an independent magazine-meets-journal for curious travellers who long to be inspired, see the world and meet interesting characters along the road). This magazines focuses on one country per issue and to my surprise she told me that the next issue was going to be Japan.
I showed her some of my work and she immediately invited me to collaborate with a photo essay. I decided to write about cherry blossoms and what I was able to experience.

This is my favourite fragment of the essay:
“While the sakuras may be magical, their life is brief. After blossoming for a mere two weeks their petals begin to fall, blanketing the ground and waterways beneath them. But even this fleeting blooming period is not without meaning, reminding us that every beginning has an inevitable end. Sakuras give the sensation of dreaming, of being hopeful and enthusiastic. They represent spring and renewal, the chance to begin again and forget the failures of the past. But they’re also a symbol of humanity. With their ephemeral flowering the blossoms serve as a reminder of mortality and the knowledge that while life may be momentary it should be lived to its fullest, just as the sakuras blossoms.”

To my surprise, Liz contacted me with the great news that one of my photos was going to be used for the cover. I was very excited, because that trip to Japan meant a lot to me. Not only could I realize one of my dreams but I could get in touch with that sensitive part of me that knows how to love and appreciate the ephemeral beauty of nature. Since then, that sensitivity has not left my body and my heart.

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