Definitively my favourite season to be around in London is autumn. Don't get me wrong, I do love spring, the entire city blooms and you find the most beautiful flowers all around. But autumn in London is just magical, I feel it makes you really experience what this city is all about. The air has a certain feeling of melancholia, and makes you see the city with different eyes. Tourists are gone (well, most of them) and people start coming back to their normal routines. You see people going to work with their most beautiful outfits and coats, the weather is still nice to walk around, but not as crowded as during the summer. Winter is also wonderful, but for me it is too cold to be wandering on the streets.
There is something about the crunch of the leaves while walking through a park, even the sound of the air going through the trees is different. The autumnal colours suit the buildings, the parks and people’s outfit. It is just so beautiful.
 Last weekend I spent the day walking around Kensington and Chelsea. I saw the beautiful Mews with their red leaves hanging. So many colours to be found in this magical season.

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