After a few wonderful days in Kurashiki it was time to return to Tokyo. Of course, we went back with suitcases full of washitapes, stationary and souvenirs.
We had been told that an MT Lab pop up store had opened in Tokyo so we decided to venture to visit it. We arrived to the place and it looked just like a laboratory where they had all the models of washitape in glass tubes. In this place you could use some of the products and do some workshops. The interior was very particular, everything very clean and minimalist where only the product stood out.
After so many days of seeing washi tapes we decided to give ourselves some time and explore the other beauties of the city. There are many cute places in Japan but I will show you my favourites (the most kawaiis).
We first headed to Harajuku and walked down Takeshita Street, a beautiful pedestrian street with boutiques, cafes, restaurants and lots of pink! We found a beautiful pink creperie and some nice stairs.
As we went during Sakura season we decided to go to a park to do Hanami, which is a Japanese tradition of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers. On our way to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden we found a beautiful Parisian Bistro Café with a beautiful pink façade.
Once in Shinjuku Gyoen, we enjoyed the trees and could see all the varieties of colours. I will never forget that moment when Anabella and I talked with an open heart. Each one had its own life regrets but since the cherry trees signify new beginnings we decided at that moment to release the pains, to forget the failures of the past and to decide to continue with a life full of colours, such as those that we lived in this wonderful trip.
This was our last day in Tokyo and we wanted to continue with the adventure so we decided to walk over to Shibuja. On our way there we continued to see cherry trees which reminded us of that promise we made with ourselves.
In Shibuja we went to the Opening Ceremony, where the most beautiful and perfect stairs in the world are found. And as we were leaving, we decided to do a Washistreet with the promise that we would take colour wherever we went and try to share that magic and joy that only colours can bring.
Thank you MT for such a wonderful experience.

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