Ok, so I've been really happy that the weather in London is finally getting better, everything is starting to bloom and look wonderful. So when Ellie and Anna from the Flower Appreciation Society invited me to one of their workshops I immediately said yes. They do workshops all year round, from hand-tied bouquet making,  flower head dress making to DIY bridal flowers. This time the workshop was about DIY bridal flowers. 

 Ellie and Anna are two amazing florist that met working at a bar before deciding to work together with flowers, and thank god they did, as they work together is amazing. They are both really creative and have so much knowledge about flowers and arrangements. Their working space is such a cool place, they have an incredible collection of vintage vases from crystal, pastel coloured to swan-shaped vases. It is so full of light, books and inspiration all around.

 In this workshop we learned how to make the floral arrangements for a wedding. The buttoners for the groom, a flower head dress and a dreamy bouquet. We were all given a bucket of flowers to work with, in our bucket we had english roses, peonies (my favourites!), umbels, delphiniums and much more.

I learnt how to take care of my flowers so that they can last longer, and they also gave us many tips as to where to buy our fresh flowers and material. At the end we were able to take our flowers home and as a gift we receive this lovely book they published, which I have as decor in my living room because it is just so beautiful and bright. 

 So if you are a bride who is planning on doing your own flowers,this workshop would be great. And not only for brides, but also for bridesmaids, mom of the bride or anyone who will be helping the bride in the special day.

  I hope these photos inspire you to fill your home with gorgeous flowers and light that will inspire you and make you feel more connected to nature and its vibration. I have always felt that when I have flowers at home I feel connected to a feminine vibration and frequency that inspires me to create.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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