Last Saturday I took an amazing watercolour workshop by Emma Block in London. Ever since I first went to the event The Girls Club, organized by Betty Magazine, I've been following an amazing watercolour artist who was doing live portraits of the guests. I was lucky enough to had mine done (will try to post it soon). So I saw on her instagram account she was going to give a watercolour workshop and immediately joined.
 The venue was so lovely, it is called Quill London, and it is located in Islington walking distance from my flat. This place gives frequent workshops, which are mainly on calligraphy and some other on watercolours and brush lettering. It also has an amazing shop, full of beautiful stationary, colours, notebooks, cards, everything for the paper obsessed person.

The workshop was really nice, we learned about colour theory and mixing different tones to get interesting shades, we learned how to draw flowers and plants. Here are some photos of the workshop and at the end some of my creations.


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