Last year I was contacted by the team of Design Made Happy and was asked if I would like to show my working space on their blog. I had recently moved to London and we where renting a small flat in Angel, and luckily I had a small space for my self and my creative moments. I instantly said yes and started photographing it.
 Now, I'm living on a different flat and soon moving to a new one, so I was feeling nostalgic of my last working space which will always hold a special place in my heart and wanted to share the images and article in here.

Here is a little abstract of what I wrote about my old work space:

"At the moment my work space is super tiny and I try to make it multiuse, as we are currently living in a small flat in London. I manage to create something that would not take as much space and is still something nice to look at. I think what make my space so unique is that I have my own artwork displayed. I printed my photos and framed a couple of them and others I just pasted them with washitape. Having my own artwork displayed is very important to me, as every time I see it is a reminder to myself of why I love doing what I do.

 I also have my crystals, I love being surrounded by them, they give me such an amazing energy and they make me get into a creative vibe. I also have different plants around, just surrounding myself with a little of nature, because working all day long indoors tends to drain my energy. So I like to surround my self with nature so I could at least have a small feeling of the outdoors. Another important thing on my work space that can never miss is my speakers, I love working with music, it gives me so much inspiration and it gets me in any mood I wish to be on.

The best time for me to work is during the mornings, I have such amazing big windows, so I get lots of natural light directly to my studio, which makes me so happy. But creativity can be tricky and sometimes I feel more creative at night. So I would prepare my self a tea, put some music on and start working. It really depends on my mood."

You can read the complete article here.

It is weird because so much has happen since this interview. Our contract ended with the landlord and we moved to a different smaller flat while we decided if we wanted to stay in London or moved elsewhere. After lots of thinking and figuring out life, we finally knew we where staying in London. Soon after a few months we started outgrowing the apartment, and needed something bigger and closer to work. So after a long search I'm happy to say next week we will be moving to a new flat, with a special designated space for my studio (yei!). I'm so excited for that space, I've been doing mood boards for each space in the house, I hope to share them with you soon!

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